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Dive into Canada's rich tapestry of entertainment with The Beat Goes On. Since our inception in 1991, we've been the haven for aficionados of music, movies, and pop culture. From classic vinyl records and DVDs to cult-classic albums and films, our extensive collection serves both the mainstream and the niche.

A Peak Into The Past

Founder John Rocchetta's, right, dream was to forge a vibrant community where enthusiasts of pop culture, iconic albums, and cinematic marvels felt right at home. Today, under the leadership of John and Vice President Will McRobb, left, The Beat Goes On stands as a testament to Canadian entrepreneurial spirit — an oasis of entertainment, camaraderie, and inclusivity.

Not bound by the mere concept of being a local record store, The Beat Goes On has constantly made efforts to improve the experience of our customers with the goal of being your favourite place to go for any of your music, movie, gaming or collectible needs. In 1998, we forayed into the digital landscape, complementing our brick-and-mortar presence with a dynamic online hub to expand our reach beyond Ontario. While others migrated completely online, we believed in the 'brick and click' synergy. Our website now offers a wider international reach and facilitates shipping between our stores — at no extra charge to our cherished customers.

But our offerings are far from generic. Beyond the popular titles, we pride ourselves on curating collections that resonate with the true connoisseur — horror films, cult classics, anime DVDs and Blu-Rays, the revered Criterion Collection films, and a treasure trove of collectibles, such as that rare Funko Pop you've been dreaming of owning.

Many would imagine that the world of used cds, dvds, records etc, would be far from fun or exciting. Only those who have had the privilege of seeing someone get their hands on their own personal holy grail would understand how impactful this experience could be. Whether it's that hard-to-find retro video game, to the soundtrack to your favourite movie on vinyl, we hope to be the first place that comes to mind.

Our innovative online Wishlist feature has won hearts across Canada. Users can keep tabs on their most-coveted items, be it a limited edition vinyl or a rare video game. And once we have them in stock? We'll notify you of its availability! Thousands of customers have utilized our Wishlist to complete their prized collections.

Start Your Wishlist!

Our team isn't just staff — they're enthusiasts. Cultivating connections, fostering community, and sharing their deep knowledge and passion for entertainment are what they do best. We strive to create a friendly and familiar hub where all things Pop-culture can live in harmony. 

We often like to think of each of our locations as a space similar to the iconic bar Cheers and its memorable theme song's line "Where everybody knows your name."

New to The Beat Goes On family? Find your nearest store location. Looking to rejuvenate your collection by trading in old treasures? Our FAQ Section has all the details.

Join us and be part of Canada's most vibrant entertainment community — where the beat, truly, goes on.